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Dragon syndrome

Dragon syndrome
Russia, 2011
12x52 mins
Nikolay Khomeriki
Andrey Merzlikin (“Brest fortress”), Ekaterina Klimova, Christina Asmus, Vladimir Zeldin


Based on real events. Year 1953. FBRI decide to establish new secret Fund to keep all treasures found during WWII.

Year 1993. Small ukrainian town. Local police officers discovered big collection of acient relics. Their approximate value is around 1000 000 000 dollars. Their owner was…an ordinary electrician Alexander Iljin. This was the great final of wide investigation and research of the last 15 years.

Year 2009. Odessa, sea port. Ordinary man was arrested because of rare and expensive book in his luggage. This is The Marine Chapter published by Peter The Fist, ancient edition lost long time ago. FBI starts the investigation accompanied by unexpected deaths. How did  these 2 cases connect with each other? Young captain Volkov had always been lucky, but death follows him whenever he goes trying to explain everything: Prague, Moscow, Odessa or Kirovograd. Would he be able to find the truth and identify criminals?