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Small people

Small people
Russia, 2016
90 mins
Fantasy, Family
Oleg Asadulin
Pyotr Fedorov, Artem Fadeyev, Mark Bogatyrev, Zhenya Malakhova, Irina Rozanova, Yury Stoyanov, Jan Tsapnik, Irina of Medvedev Platon Kamenev, Ivan Tityaev...


A very talented young scientist Maxim is about to make an amazing discovery, that should bring him a Nobel prize. In pursuit of fame and reward Maxim does not hesitate to conduct a risky experiment on his own and completely unexpectedly reduces himself to the size of an ordinary test tube. Once in a difficult situation, he realizes that he is completely alone with his problems - his girlfriend leaves him, and the best friend turns out to be a traitor. Only a 12-year-old boy strained in a wheelchair agrees to help…