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Green Carriage

Green Carriage
Russia, 2015
108 mins
Oleg Asadulin
Andrew Merzlikin (“Brest Fortress”), Vladimir Menchov (Oscar winner, “Moscow does not believe in tears”), Anna Chipovskaya (“1812: Lancers Ballad”)


Vadim Raevsky is a famous film director. Many people could only dream to be him.  He is very charming, and women are lining up to get the attention of the maestro. But Vadim does not care about that: he is married for many years, he has teenage son. Although he never carried about his family as well and never knew how is it to be a normal dad. Anyway Raevsky’s last film was nominated for Oscar. He is absolutely happy, his name became worldwide known. Suddenly cruel fate presents “surprise”:  the unexpected death of his son. Vadim refuses to believe in tragedy, he wants to understand what happened. He started investigation with very unexpected results..