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Mortal Affair

Mortal Affair
Russia, 2015
100 mins
Detective, Crime
Renat Davletyarov
Peter Fedorov (“Stalingrad” in 3D) and Anna Chipovskaya (“1812: Lancer’s Ballad”)


What would you do if everything and everyone were against you? When your beloved man was killed, his closest friends became your enemies? When assassins are watching your every step? When every day might be your last day and it seems that there is no space on Earth when you could feel yourself not in danger? This story could be like a magic fairytale about love and happiness. Alexandra is a talented journalist and photographer. Andrew is her boyfriend and a famous artist. One day their happy life came to unexpected end. Andrew was killed in his apartment under strange circumstances and his girlfriend was left the most important witness and prime suspect at the same time. With only one desire to find killers of her beloved man Alex started her own investigation and immediately got involved into international crime affair with Andrew’s former business partners, Federal Security service and assassins following her steps. Now Alex needs to run away from everyone and be aware of everyone to stay alive. The brave girl does not understand what’s happening behind her back but she does not intend to give up. She must disclose this plot and unveil a big secret hidden… in her boyfriend’s painted masterpieces.